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A little about me..

I was born in 1965 - the same year that Andy Warhol described himself as a "retired artist" and began to make movies. His silkscreen painting, Marilyn Monroe's Lips - which I saw at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC on an elementary school field trip - made me want to become an artist.

I was a child of the 1970's, and like a lot of suburban kids, grew up with afternoon horror movies, Flinstones reruns and Wacky Pack stickers. Later, in the early 80's, New Wave music was a big influence - especially the album covers.

By the time I graduated from high school in 1983 - having learned how to screen print - Keith Haring was making it big and street art was in the art galleries of New York and Europe. In art school I was introduced to foreign and cult films as well as a myriad of artists. All of these influences have informed my artwork.

I have always had an affinity for the underdog and feel more comfortable with those on the fringes than in the spotlight. In the 1990's I hung out with gay boys, club kids and drag queens and made portraits of many of them. (See my Facebook album - Jim Winters: Prints, Drawings and Paintings - 'Ladies/Gentlemen')

In 2000 I met my partner and future husband and we love to travel and take hiking and biking adventures. It was inevitable that landscape/cityscape imagery would appear in my work. I also have made several pieces depicting San Francisco - the city I called home for 22 years.

Among my influences I also include: beefcake photography, wallpaper patterns, View Masters, paint by numbers, vintage magazine portrait illustration, medical photography and illustration, vintage travel posters...

At this point in my career, I have amassed quite a back stock of prints and stickers and am making them available here. For many of my friends, these will be familiar images - albeit ones they may not have seen for a long time. Hopefully word will spread and some of this work can reach new eyes. (Tell your friends!)

Thanks for visiting The Jim Winters Store! If you have any questions, please ask.

For more specific information about me, to see other work and to check out my blog, please visit my website: jimwinters.com